Lucien Cramp


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Lucien is the smarter out of the two twins, but also considered the 'eco-loser' and is not really a fighter, and thus, is bullied by Wayne. He enjoys science, nature and is a vegetarian. He keeps pet worms, which is unknown to everyone else, except Tony and Mari and hides them underneath his bed. It is shown in many episodes that Lucien has a fear of clowns. He has been shown to be able to knit. He likes to go to the swamp (the only place he gets peace from Wayne, who is scared of going anywhere near the swamp) of Soap City, his home town, with his friend Tony. Lucien is technically the oldest one of the two twins as he was born first in the opening credits. Lucien is voiced by Katherine Soucie. Lucien is often called "nerd" or "girlpants" by Wayne.